Patient Rights and Responsibilities

  • Every patient will be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Services will not be denied to any patient on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, duration of residence, or any kind of disability.

  • Every patient will receive appropriate care and treatment, using an individualized treatment plan, employing accepted methods and approaches most appropriate for specific problems and needs identified.

  • Every patient is expected to actively participate in the development or modification of their individual treatment plan.

  • Every patient will be informed of any alternative treatment methods available, if any.

  • Every patient will be informed of risks associated with the treatment to be undertaken.

  • Every patient can refuse proposed treatment, which the patient does not wish to receive.

  • Every patient is expected to arrive on time for appointments, free of alcohol and/or illicit substances.

  • Every patient may terminate services at any time upon their written or verbal request.

    Sunstone Psychiatric, LLC reserves the right to terminate the provider-patient relationship under the following conditions:

  • When Sunstone Psychiatric, LLC services may no longer be beneficial to you;

  • When another professional might be of better service;

  • When payment is not received;

  • When a patient misses two consecutive appointments without 24 hours notice or frequently missed appointments;

  • When a patient does not actively participate with the recommended treatment plan;

  • If patient or patient’s family member/significant-other are hostile or aggressive, or cause any disruption in our work space